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FREE MASTERCLASS 5 Critical Steps To Release Weight Differently

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Discover the 5 Critical Steps to Permanent Weight Release: A Free Masterclass with Vanessa Armstrong

Hi There,

I’m excited to share with you my free virtual masterclass, "The 5 Critical Steps To Permanent Weight Release." Recorded years ago, these 5 Critical Steps have stood the test of time, helping me and hundreds of clients break free from the diet roller coaster. This masterclass isn’t about keto; it’s for anyone looking to improve their health, no matter how you choose to eat.

In this masterclass, you'll learn about the 5 Key Principles for mindset shifts that will transform your approach to food and health. We focus on eating real food and filtering out processed and ultra-processed options. Discover how the food industry spends billions designing foods you can’t say no to—it’s not about you, it’s about their profits and science.

As a coach, I don’t believe in black-and-white rules or counting macros and calories—those methods haven’t worked for most of us! Instead, I teach you to respect yourself, appreciate your body at any shape, stage, size, or age, and nourish it with real, anti-inflammatory, hormone-balancing foods that taste great. This journey can look different for everyone, and that’s okay.

I lost 45 kilos (100 pounds) with the 5 Critical Steps and using my 3-2-1 'Simplified' Keto Method, which I now offer in a low-cost virtual workshop. For those seeking a deeper transformation, my 12-week Life-Changing "Claim Your New Body and Mind" Coaching Programme integrates these 5 Critical Steps and provides a supportive environment for lasting lifestyle changes. Remember, the Masterclass is FREE and you don't need to be low carb or keto to use these 5 Steps to change your relationship with food and your body. I believe in releasing weight in a sustainable 'non-diety' manner—don’t let the name Keto Buddies fool you, because everything I do is different! Releasing weight is a natural side effect of healing from within; when your body feels safe and your mind is calm. So let's get you started on thinking differently!

Join the free masterclass to start improving your health and relationship with yourself. Plus, there's a special bonus waiting for you!



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