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The 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Workshop

A Powerful Tool In Your Conservative Management of Lipoedema/Lipedema

Designed for Your Success

Without Counting Calories or Macros

Are you CONFUSED or CURIOUS about Keto for Lipoedema

UNSURE if it can help with your Lipoedema?

SCARED of too much fat?! (me too!)

TIRED of dieting?

Tried keto and thought its not for me?

FRUSTRATED with counting calories and macros? Too damn busy for the tracking?!

PUZZLED about what to do NEXT?

I get it. I've been you. That's why I've designed the 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Method to take the confusion out of starting and to make it so easy, no counting calories or macros, so it is repeatable.

Consistency over perfection equals results!

I lost 45 kilos/ 100 pounds using my 'Simplified' method and maintained it for the past five years using the 3-2-1 'Simplified 'Keto Method.

And guess what, my lipoedema is manageable, I only experience pain in my legs when I indulge a little too much of the white stuff! I still have the lippy shape but it is drastically smaller. (size 22 to a 12 on top and 14/16 on bottom). But my mobility is excellent, I don't have hunger between meals, and I don't have invasive food thoughts, and neither do my clients!

In this workshop the 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto, I'll show you how to build a healthy plate at every meal (or any restaurant) reduce your inflammation, & release some stubborn non-lippy weight without being hungry, without counting macros & calories, its simple and delicious real food in a method that works for you.

But that's just the one small part of my 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Workshop - the HOW TO EAT, is a small part of it. There are 19 modules included which are all designed to help you understand the importance of WHY you might want to include keto or low carb (and there are differences) in your conservative management of Lipoedema toolbox.

Check out the 19 Modules below AND you can even WATCH NOW FOR FREE two of the modules, the Welcome Module and the What You Get With the 3-2-1 Lifestyle Module.

Keep reading if you want to gain new knowledge about this powerful tool for your conservative management with the confusion & complexity removed about keto to support you in a liveable, realistic way of eating that serves you but also is doable!

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Hello, I'm Vanessa

I'm 51 Years old, I'm a mom, wife & your certified health and life coach. My journey is fuelled by a profound passion for aiding individuals who, like me, have confronted the challenges of obesity and lipoedema. Traditional diets proved futile, and the common advice of "eat less, move more" left me in a cycle of frustration.

Before adopting the 3-2-1 way of eating, my life was a battleground with ailments like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, fatigue, back pain, recurrent chest infections, and the constant struggle with excess weight. I was that woman who could eat lettuce and gain weight! Today, my story has been rewritten. I rarely fall ill, engage in tennis thrice a week, enjoy water aerobics, and play golf – activities once beyond my reach.

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Winning with Lipoedema

Releasing 45 kilos/100 pounds, transforming from a size 22 to an Aussie 12 on top and 14-16 (10/12 USA) on the bottom is the tangible result of healing from the inside out.

Let me clarify – I'm not an Instagram model, nor do I aspire to be, my victories extend far beyond appearances.

Two observations from my remedial massage therapist about bruising and bumps under my skin combined with me being puzzled as to why I kept losing and gaining the same 5 kilos, after my 45 kilos loss and I still had a bottom-heavy shape. My official diagnosis of Lipoedema in mid-2023 marked a turning point in gaining knowledge and further perspective on my health history.

Post my official Lipoedema diagnosis consultations with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapists who were impressed with the condition of my legs being stage 3 but nodules already soft, lack of fibrosis and inflammation and similar compliments from specialists like Dr Narayanan Harish and Dr Lekich underscored the effectiveness of my 3-2-1 'Simplified' Keto Method and how it helps target the inflammation and connective tissue challenges we experience with lipoedema. Plus it was finally a method that did shift the non-lippy weight without feeling like being on a diet. I've been able to maintain my stage, minimise pain, and increase movement through this powerful tool in my conservative management of my Lipoedema. My journey is one of realistic, sustainable change, not perfection. Designing our lives for lived experiences is crucial, and I'm honoured to guide and share with you on your path to health and well-being.


Wondering what lies behind the workshop curtain? Click the drop-down arrow to explore the wealth of knowledge waiting for you in my carefully curated modules. Packed with practical insights and real solutions, these modules are your key to building your toolbox and taking control of Lipoedema with a simple successful method designed by someone who like you lives with this disease.

What Awaits You:

Realistic Simple Strategies for Sustainable Change

Bid farewell to quick fixes. I delve into practical, sustainable strategies tailored to your lipoedema journey.

Beyond the Plate: Mindful Approaches to Eating:

It's not just about what's on your plate. Learn how to foster a positive relationship with food and nourish both body and mind.

Navigating Challenges with Ease:

Address common hurdles with confidence. Our modules guide you through challenges, providing actionable solutions.

The Science Simplified: Understanding Keto and Your Body:

Unravel the science behind keto in an accessible way. Gain insights into how it works and why it's your new superpower.

Special Treat:

Click the drop-down arrow to reveal FREE MODULES available for you to watch now. It's a sneak peek into the valuable content awaiting you in the workshop.

Cheers to Your Wellness Journey, Ness (Vanessa)

P.S. Take control of Lipoedema with tools that empower you. Explore the modules now and discover a path beyond the complicated designed for you by someone who understands the journey through their own lived Lipoedema experience.


Discover the Freedom of 'Simplified' Keto: Transforming Lives, Easing Lipoedema

Embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you. If you're ready to soften fibrotic tissue, reduce inflammation, and experience a life with less pain and more joy, you're in the right place. The 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Workshop is your practical guide to having the most powerful anti-inflammatory tool in your conservative management toolbox.

Benefits You Deserve:

Reduction in Inflammation

Softened Fibrotic Tissue

Less Leg Pain

Curbed Hunger

Reduced Intrusive Food Thoughts

Banished Brain Fog

Quality Sleep

Enhanced Mood

Ease of Movement

Quality of Life

Boosted Energy

More Smiles In Your Day

Lose Stubborn Non-Lippy Weight

Maintain or Improve Your Stage

To Take Control of What Is In Your Control

Live The Healthiest Version of You Today

Living Your Best Life: No matter your stage, size, age, or season of life, the 'Simplified' Keto is your key to living your best version.

The 3-2-1 'Simplified' Keto Workshop:

Experience the simplicity and success of our workshop designed

to cut through the noise and empower you.

It's not just about the "how to eat" but about transforming the heart and mind.

Special Offer:

For a limited time, take advantage of a $50 GIFT OFF the regular price of AUD 149.00.

Secure instant access today for just AUD$99 – my gift to you. I understand the costs associated with Lipedema, and I'm committed to over-delivering in value.

Why Wait? Start Today:

Don't let barriers hold you back. Say YES to taking control of your journey with Lipedema.

The 3-2-1 'Simplified' Keto Workshop is your ticket to a healthier, more empowered life.

Click 'Get Started ' now and let's begin.


What people are saying

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I truly believe that my time with Keto Buddies prepared me for this and was a stepping stone to this new phase in my life. If I hadn’t been able to release the weight using the information and tools you gave me and pointed me towards, I would never have walked into a Yoga studio. I am very grateful for following my intuition and making contact with you. 

— Cathy F

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I turned to Keto Buddies because I was at a loss of how to move forward.

I’ve tried everything and whilst I’ve had some results in the past nothing stuck. Nothing made long term sustainable change.

I knew Vanessa through previous employment, I trusted her, I believed in her integrity and I could see her own example.

When I began the process I purposefully didn’t weigh myself. This was not about the number. It was about physical change, mental clarity, reduction in back pain, and a vision that I wanted for my self in the future. Vanessa has helped me formulate my vision of what I am becoming. After 3 months I’m making changes daily and my new way of being is healthier and grounded in my vision of what I want for myself. I’ve never once felt like I was on a diet, nor have I ever felt deprived. What I have learned has been life changing and for the first time in my life I know I can feel and look different. This photo is proof of the change. It’s not just the shape, it’s everything. The changes are subtle and at times obvious. Less back pain, clear skin, clarity of mind, better sleep, less stress (in the most stressful time of my life), more control, less bloating, strong nails, less inflammation and a clear roadmap of how to keep going.

This program has saved my health. Something we have all been shown is really everything!

Thanks Ness xx

— Jo L

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I tried to do a keto diet on my own and didn’t see any results. When I signed up for Vanessa’s 28-Day program I didn’t know what to expect. It couldn’t have been a better experience! The support I received from Vanessa and the other ladies in the program was exactly what I needed. Not only did they provide a safe environment to discuss my fears and challenges, they’ve continued to be my ‘buddies’ a year later. I lost over 30cm, experienced a reduction of pain in my hips and knees and increased exercise endurance. If you’ve struggled to lose weight on multiple diets, I would highly recommend Vanessa and her programs.

— Nancy M