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Welcome to the Lipoedema THRIVE TRIBE Membership Community!

Welcome to the exclusive Lipoedema Thrive Tribe group coaching membership community – your haven for ongoing support, exploration, and connection as you embrace the 3-2-1 'Simplified' Keto lifestyle on your journey with lipoedema. The Thrive Tribe is more than just adopting a keto or low-carb lifestyle; it's about living your best life and becoming the healthiest version of yourself at any size, stage, and age.

Together, we'll work on strengthening your inner cheerleader and quieting your saboteur, fostering a deeper mind-body-heart connection for holistic healing.

While keto offers tremendous benefits, addressing the underlying emotional relationship with food is key for long-term success.

The Lipoedema Thrive Tribe complements your journey by providing essential tools for managing lipoedema and supporting transformational change tailored to your unique needs at a remarkably affordable price. Because I've lived this journey and know the value of support, I'm dedicated to offering you the resources you need to succeed.

The Lipoedema Thrive Tribe is exclusive to women who purchase the 3-2-1 'Simplified' Keto Workshop or take part in one-to-one coaching. The workshop is the foundation of knowledge that we expand on and support in the community. You will be invited to the Lipoedema Thrive Tribe upon purchase of the 3-2-1 'Simplified' Keto Workshop.

We will be LIVE on Zoom Sunday Evenings in Australia on Sunday with more times added as we grow.

Check out the World Time Conversions below!

Here's a sneak peek into our monthly schedule:

First Week: Dive into a captivating Hot Topic for the month presented by Vanessa or a guest expert in the field of lipoedema, health, and wellness.

Second Week: Join our Q&A session on hot topics and discuss anything on your mind regarding the 3-2-1 lifestyle and mindset shifts.

Third Week: Seize the opportunity for a Coaching Seat! One or two volunteers will share their valuable experiences, offering insights and solutions to challenges others may face with supportive coaching on Zoom. Fourth Week: Let's be accountable! Reflect on what you've learned and implemented throughout the month, evaluating the effectiveness of the hot topic and the 3-2-1 method. Discover what works for you, what needs tweaking, and what you'll carry forward on your journey.

Join us as we embark on this exciting adventure together – a community that grows based on your feedback and thrives on shared experiences. It's packed full of value and opportunity - See you there!

Cheers, Ness (Vanessa)

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Why Join the Lipoedema Thrive Tribe?

In a community, success with habit change goes beyond the individual – it's about shared experiences, collective accountability, and a sense of belonging. Our community fosters identity and belief shifts, empowering you to embrace a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

  1. Weekly Contact with Your Coach: Engage with Vanessa, your coach, every week during our live Zoom sessions. Ask questions, share victories, and gain personalised insights.
  2. Coaching Seat Opportunities: Volunteer to be in the coaching seat during sessions, allowing Vanessa to provide tailored guidance addressing your concerns.

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  1. Accessible Curated Information: Benefit from Vanessa's years of coaching experience and firsthand understanding of living with lipoedema. The Thrive Tribe provides accessible, curated information that goes beyond the workshop, fine-tuning the lifestyle in an environment that gives you the accountability to be seen and heard.
  2. Hot Topic Presentations: Delve into essential topics such as sleep, emotional eating, mindset shifts, self-sabotage, hunger and satiation, movement, and hormones through expert-led presentations.
  3. Financial Accessibility: Recognizing the costs associated with lipoedema, Vanessa is committed to removing financial barriers. While one-on-one coaching might not be feasible for everyone, the Thrive Tribe offers amazing value at an affordable price.

How to Join:

Ready to amplify your 3-2-1 experience? Sign up for the Lipoedema Thrive Tribe today and unlock the ongoing support you deserve. For less than a coffee a day, you can be supported and gain control.


What's the Schedule for the Zoom Group Coaching Calls?

Initially we will begin with Sundays 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time AEDT, 7 pm Sunday Evenings AEST = GMT+10

and as we grow we will add Wednesday 12:00 Noon AEST. You can attend one, both or none, it will be recorded. Please reach out to offer me feedback on your location and desire to be included if one of the two does not suit you at this moment.

Sunday 7pm Melbourne AEST Converts to :

  • Perth WA: 5 PM SUNDAY
  • New Zealand: 9 PM SUNDAY
  • Queensland:7PM SUNDAY

  • United Kingdom: SUNDAY 10 AM
  • Germany:11AM SUNDAY

Coming Soon Wednesday 12:00 Noon AEST Converts to:

  • Perth WA: 10 am Wednesday
  • New Zealand: 2pm Wednesday
  • Queensland: Noon Wednesday

  • Los Angeles USA 7pm TUESDAY
  • Vancouver Canada 7pm TUESDAY
  • New York, USA Eastern Time: 10pm TUESDAY
  • Chicago, USA Central Time: 9pm TUESDAY

What are the benefits of Group Coaching?

Increased Accountability:

  • Having a coach or being part of a supportive community provides a built-in system of accountability. This accountability factor has been linked to higher success rates in achieving goals.

Positive Peer Influence:

  • Being part of a community can expose individuals to positive peer influences. When surrounded by others who are also working towards similar goals, individuals are more likely to adopt and maintain positive habits.

Behavioral Change Studies:

  • Numerous studies on behavior change emphasize the importance of social support in sustaining new habits. Social connections, whether through a coach or a community, contribute to a sense of belonging and motivation.

Enhanced Motivation:

  • Regular interaction with a coach or a supportive community can enhance motivation. Motivation often stems from encouragement, shared experiences, and the understanding that others are facing similar challenges.

Skill Building and Guidance:

  • Coaches provide personalized guidance and skill-building opportunities. This individualized approach can address specific challenges, making it more likely for individuals to overcome obstacles in their habit-changing journey.

Reduction in Feelings of Isolation:

  • Trying to make significant life changes alone can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Having a coach or being part of a community creates a sense of connection and shared purpose, reducing feelings of isolation.

Can I cancel?

Yes. You can cancel anytime with 7 days advance notice of your renewal date. It is a monthly membership, come and take what you need and go live your best life with your new confidence and skills.

What if I can't attend every weekly session?

We understand everyone has a busy schedule. While attending every session is beneficial, we provide recordings for you to catch up at your convenience. The community is here to support you, even if you can't make it to every session. Flexibility is key.

Why should I invest in the Thrive Tribe membership?

Think of the Thrive Tribe as an investment in your health and well-being. For a low monthly fee, you gain access to weekly group sessions, personalized guidance, and the collective wisdom of a supportive community. The value far exceeds the cost, especially when compared to the potential benefits of improved health, habit change, and increased success in managing lipoedema/lipedema conservatively or helping you to prepare for surgery or post-surgery maintenance.

How does the Thrive Tribe complement the 3-2-1 Workshop?

While the workshop provides foundational knowledge, the Thrive Tribe takes it a step further. Our weekly group sessions on Zoom offer personalized support, accountability, and in-depth exploration into various topics such as sleep, emotional eating, mindset shifts, and more. It's a dynamic space for refining your implementation based on ongoing experiences and challenges.

I prefer more personalised coaching rather than group settings. What options are available for one-on-one support?

Absolutely, I completely understand that group coaching isn't for everyone. If you're seeking more personalized attention tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, I offer individualized one-on-one coaching programs. These programs are designed to accelerate your progress, providing you with dedicated support and guidance every step of the way. With both 6-week and 12-week options available, we'll work closely together to create a plan that aligns with your goals and schedule. You'll have the flexibility to choose session times that suit you best, ensuring that you receive the attention and support you deserve. Through personalized coaching, you'll benefit from targeted strategies, focused attention, and accountability to help you achieve your wellness goals efficiently and effectively. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey tailored specifically to you, let's explore the possibilities of personalized coaching together. Book your free call with me here