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The 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Workshop

´╗┐A Powerful Tool In Your Conservative Management of Lipoedema

Designed for Your Success

´╗┐Without Counting Calories or Macros







PAY ONLY $69 plus GST

The 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto is on-demand - approx 4 hours of bite-size modules to help you keep keto simple: no counting calories or macros. You can start today!

Thrive Tribe will begin Sunday 28 July 7pm

Thrive Tribe will be in Zoom and recordings will be available. You will receive access LIVE to ask questions around the implementation of the 3-2-1 and we will coach on many helpful mindset tips to move away from a diet culture. Supported for consistency, not perfection.

Don't miss out on this conference offer, it is priced to remove the barrier to entry to allow you to be curious if low carb or keto might be for your conservative management toolbox. And don't worry if you have tried keto before, or you have variations, this is a flexible real food-based way of eating that you can adjust to suit your needs and lifestyle.

For more details visit the individual pages of the 3-2-1 and the Thrive Tribe SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND CLICK ON THE INDIVIDUAL IMAGES BUT COME BACK HERE FOR YOUR SAVINGS.

Cheers Ness

Are you CONFUSED or CURIOUS about Keto for Lipoedema

UNSURE if it can help with your Lipoedema?

SCARED of too much fat?! (me too!)

TIRED of dieting?

Tried keto and thought its not for me?

FRUSTRATED with counting calories and macros? Too damn busy for the tracking?!

PUZZLED about what to do NEXT?

I get it. I've been you. That's why I've designed the 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Method to take the confusion out of starting and to make it so easy, no counting calories or macros, so it is repeatable.

Consistency over perfection equals results!

I lost 45 kilos/ 100 pounds using my 'Simplified' method and maintained it for the past five years using the 3-2-1 'Simplified 'Keto Method.

And guess what, my lipoedema is manageable, I only experience pain in my legs when I indulge a little too much of the white stuff! I still have the lippy shape but it is drastically smaller. (size 22 to a 12 on top and 14/16 on bottom). But my mobility is excellent, I don't have hunger between meals, and I don't have invasive food thoughts, and neither do my clients!

In this workshop the 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto, I'll show you how to build a healthy plate at every meal (or any restaurant) reduce your inflammation, & release some stubborn non-lippy weight without being hungry, without counting macros & calories, its simple and delicious real food in a method that works for you.

But that's just the one small part of my 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Workshop - the HOW TO EAT, is a small part of it. There are 19 modules included which are all designed to help you understand the importance of WHY you might want to include keto or low carb (and there are differences) in your conservative management of Lipoedema toolbox.

Lipoedema Australia Conference Bundle Save $125 - 1 month free group coaching plus workshop