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About Me

In the milestone year of 2023, as I marked my 50th journey around the sun, I faced a perplexing question. Despite shedding 45 kilos / 100 pounds and maintaining this transformation for five years, I grappled with releasing more weight. Guiding numerous incredible women to their health goals as a certified health & life coach, specializing in a simplified keto approach, heightened my sense of imposter syndrome. I've empowered women to release weight, gain energy, reduce medications, and reverse lifestyle diseases, with a special focus on type 2 diabetes. While grateful for my progress and the trust others placed in me, imposter syndrome lingered.

The awakening moment came during a session with my remedial massage therapist, who made observations about lumps under my skin and bruising on my legs and arms.

Coincidentally, Instagram introduced me to the Lipedema Mommas account, & The Lipoedema Podcast resonating with my long-standing struggle with what I referred to as "tree trunk legs" since my teenage years.

Formal diagnosis followed with Lipoedema Surgical Solutions, along with further video & consultations abroad, I am stage 3, legs and arms.

Veronica, my Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapist, noted the uniqueness of my nodules and the softer texture of my legs, coupled with excellent mobility and manageable pain at stage 3 in my legs and arms. Surgeons also acknowledged my exceptional mobility and reduced inflammation, suspecting that my simplified keto/low-carb approach played a role in alleviating obesity weight and maintaining or improving Lipoedema symptoms and stages.

Some of the key benefits I was living with were low inflammation, soft nodules, great mobility, reduction in hunger, increased energy, and great sleep. These are all outcomes that people are beginning to seek with the higher risks associated with drugs such as Ozempic. I mention this comparison of the 3-2-1 of 'Simplified Keto' method and Ozempic because I believe it's important that everyone has options and hope. While Ozempic may be the right choice for some, not everyone wants or can afford it. There's still hope for all of us to achieve these outcomes with a low-risk real food program such as my 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Workshop.

Eight years ago, my life took a transformative turn when Facebook connected me with pioneers in the keto world. Skeptical at first, I researched for two years, actively traveling to international conferences and consuming any material I could find, before embracing this new lifestyle. Success in my improvements in chronic health conditions & the weight loss after years of failure, prompted me to return to school to understand the deeper psychological aspects of my relationship with food and how to guide others through meaningful change that was beyond the how to eat.

Counting calories and macros was never my style; my journey demanded a healthy, balanced, and sustainable approach. It had to be a holistic design, steering clear of past diet traumas and avoiding any sense of failure.

Reflecting on past clients who achieved great success in shape, weight and pain reduction, yet fell short of their desired 'total weight loss 'destination, I now understand that, like me, they may have Lipoedema. In response, I've been refining my coaching materials, incorporating effective strategies for reducing inflammation, emphasizing the importance of inflammation awareness, advocating for conservative measures, and highlighting the power of a simplified, clean approach for non-lippy weight reduction.

Moreover, I'm emphasizing the crucial role of mindset – a holistic approach to nourishing body, mind, and heart for women dealing with Lipoedema. The journey continues, and I'm committed to empowering others on their path to holistic wellness.

I hope you will get curious, explore the free previews of 2 videos available to you in the outline of the 3-2-1 of 'Simplified' Keto Workshop (click the tile above), perhaps explore the Lipodema Ladies Circle for further coaching & community as well.

I can't wait to support you in building your toolbox for your conservative management of Lipoedema.

xx Ness